Monday June 6 - Hear Rob Volpe live at Magers & Quinn in Minneapolis!

A timely and important guide to developing empathy, in a world where it is increasingly lacking. Drawing on his years conducting thousands of in-home interviews with everyday people, Rob Volpe illustrates the 5 Steps to Empathy―the actions you can take to build a strong and reflexive empathy muscle.

Though he may have been invited into these homes as a marketing researcher, he left them as an expert on empathy. Along the way, he discovered that there exists a set of common values connecting us all. Strip away the exterior wrapping of blue state/red state, straight or gay, black or white, and we’re all far more similar than we are different. With empathy, we can all learn and understand more than we ever imagined possible.

Monday, June 6, 7:00 PM
In-Store Event - Registration Required



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